This is so cool. Watch Jack Hoyle, of, make the new The Sword and the Dragon book cover. He is an amazing artist, and if you are attending #DragonCon2016 this weekend, look for his work in the art gallery. You might have to beat me to it! MR

The Result


The Sword and the Dragon was released in 2010, and was revised in early 2012, but in the last 5 years eBook formatting has come a long way. My publisher and I decided to make a 2016 Modernized Format Edition, with a Table of Contents, a new map, and even fancy in chapter breaks. What better way to celebrate the new version that to wrap it in a brand new cover?  The new format will uploaded sometime in early October. Book two and three will soon be getting new covers, too.

Stay tuned to watch them being made.

Again, I want to thank Master Artist, Jack Hoyle. He did an amazing job.

Comment if you agree, MR